Feb 24, 2009

This time I mean it!!!

Hello and welcome to Skinny Pants my blog to record my journeys on my way to my first Figure Competition! I decided to make a blog and talk about what I have and will be going through, I have seen many running blogs and others about hobbies so I thought this would be fun.
I have to start by saying I love working out...I love to sweat....and I love being the crazy girl on the hard diet! :)
I decided to call it If the Skinny Pants Fit because it has been a long standing saying of mine. I don't own a scale so as long as my skinny pants fit me I am OK! I have even told my trainer Chad that as long as my skinny pants still fit me I will do anything he says LOL. So I thought this would be an appropriate name.
I plan on putting lots of posts on here about what I am going to go through and lots about exercise and diet too. I am obsessed with these and this is a good outlet for me. So I hope this is fun for some of you and I hope to maybe help or inspire some people too!
I have toyed with the idea of doing a figure competition for months now and finally decided that this is maybe a once in a life time experience and why the heck not do it??!! I am being paid by the gym I am the manager of to train with Chad and they are also going to sponsor me in the competition so I really have no excuses. SO THIS TIME I MEAN IT!!!
Wish me luck and more to come soon I promise!!!

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