Feb 24, 2009

This time I mean it!!!

Hello and welcome to Skinny Pants my blog to record my journeys on my way to my first Figure Competition! I decided to make a blog and talk about what I have and will be going through, I have seen many running blogs and others about hobbies so I thought this would be fun.
I have to start by saying I love working out...I love to sweat....and I love being the crazy girl on the hard diet! :)
I decided to call it If the Skinny Pants Fit because it has been a long standing saying of mine. I don't own a scale so as long as my skinny pants fit me I am OK! I have even told my trainer Chad that as long as my skinny pants still fit me I will do anything he says LOL. So I thought this would be an appropriate name.
I plan on putting lots of posts on here about what I am going to go through and lots about exercise and diet too. I am obsessed with these and this is a good outlet for me. So I hope this is fun for some of you and I hope to maybe help or inspire some people too!
I have toyed with the idea of doing a figure competition for months now and finally decided that this is maybe a once in a life time experience and why the heck not do it??!! I am being paid by the gym I am the manager of to train with Chad and they are also going to sponsor me in the competition so I really have no excuses. SO THIS TIME I MEAN IT!!!
Wish me luck and more to come soon I promise!!!

Ok here's the Proof!

On my journey I have to always tell people that I haven't always been skinny and that I have had to work my butt off literally...no one believes me. I get oh Tara you have always been so small and the occasional eye roll that goes with it. So, I just wanted to put this on here for the world to see that: 1) I haven't always been skinny and 2) This is what happens when you give up sugar, pizza, fried foods, and lots more and 3) This is what hard work and a very strict diet can do! :)
Ok This is my BEFORE picture taken in 2007, I was 158 pounds and a size 8-10 in my pant size

This is my AFTER picture taken in 2008, I was 115 pounds and am now a size 0 in my pants size

Sorry there isn't a front view because I took the picture myself :). So see people it hasn't always been like this for me!! I am very happy with the out come and now have to kick it up another notch for my competition so the road isn't over yet...the hill just went up again!

More to come soon :)